$10 per day? That’s it!

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On the verge of 2017 and new technology advancements every other day, one would think that it’s quite possible to achieve a minimum of $10 a day online, from the comfort of ones home and/or cell phone…outside of investing in the stock market.  Armed with no more than simply a wifi connection and a computer or cell phone.  Am I wrong?

Allow me a moment to introduce myself, my name is Donnie LeMar, an Atlanta entrepreneur.  I’ve been involved in several startups in the Metro Atlanta area, a few online business startups as well.  Honestly had some failures and some success.  Now we are moving on to the next task which may seem odd to some…earning $10 a day online.

Tons of people work from home, others work from their cell phone…howbeit the masses still commute to work everyday because of the need to be in a physical location as opposed to a virtual location.

Uber says work whenever you want…in your car! Lyft as well!  There are apps that create digital dollars that can be used as real money in a virtual way to cover real bills.

This is my first post so I’m not going to be writing a 3000 word essay or nothing like that.  I do however want to hear from you out there, where can one go to online to earn at least $10 a day?

Looking forward to reading your comments.