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​We’ve all been a spectator at some point.  Most things are designed that way.  We watch sports, the shopping network, reality shows or for me flip that house shows!  We get excited!  We may even invite friends & fam over to join in on this activity of spectating.  Perhaps cook even a ‘superbowl’ meal to accompany the event!  No one present spectating is actually involved in whats being spectated moreso rather, they are there to help the spectation to be a success.

Could it be that by nature or if even by habit, we take on the role of spectator in our own personal lives?  One man said that if you don’t plan your life, life will make plans for you.  The hardest step to take is always the first.  Why not make a decision to improve the overall well being of your life, your family?  The fact of the matter is that if you don’t, no one else will. 
People are struggling everywhere and in many areas.  See if we want to lose weight there are certain specific things we must do.  Watching the Biggest Loser is simply not enough. Right? If we want to be a karate instructor watching Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan simply isn’t going to make you a blackbelt anytime soon.  Neither will it lead to you running & instructing a karate school for kids.
Put me in coach! My friend would always say he was 4 feet 2 85lbs and always walked around say “I just want to sack somebody!” Naturally when the play started he was the first one laid out on the field! Yes every play!  I never saw him sack anyone! He never quit & even though he was getting beat up all over the field, being on the bench wasn’t good enough for him.
Your present situation should be your motivation to get in life’s game.  You wouldn’t intentionally allow self destruction. Would you? Love yourself enough to get involved.  Learn. Study.  By any means necessary you can do this.
In conclusion, my10cents, everyone can play and they should but if not…you can watch me.



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It’s said that most people won’t even try something they really need to do…once, because of the fear of failure.  Failure is necessary, in most cases, we won’t always get it right the first time.  Instead of falling prey to the fear of failure we should see this more as a stepping stone or better yet as a lesson learned.  Ok so we tried it and it didn’t work this way, noted.  We don’t have to try that way again…let’s do it a different way!  and yes insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result!

Success leaves tracks!  It’s 2017.  Almost anything you really need to know about a specific topic can easily be found online somewhere.  Studies show that self-made millionaires have become so within one generation!  One generation?  So there is now no secret to success!  All we have to do is simply do what they did.

Success doesn’t care the color of your skin.  Neither your native tongue.  Your culture is of non effect to success.  It just isn’t applicable.  Success is for anyone willing to take a moment and study the tracks left me behind.  There are blueprints to success in your area of expertise.  Google it!  Who is the top guy in that field?  Study him, study what he did… then do it!  Come on fam really?  Do we honestly think we have a valid point saying someone  is keeping us down.  Or perhaps you have the crab mentality.  The bottom line is that you are in control of you.  You are responsible for where you are today. Good or bad?  My mentor, Brain Beane, stated Your current situation should be your motivation!  That applies!  Are you in something and you want out?  Perhaps you are where you want to be and you need to keep being productive.  Whether it be business related or personal, we have to be motivated beyond the scope of fear.

It never works if you never try!  It’s easy to be a soldier when there’s no war going on! Right?  The minute you get the call to join the front line, wait a second I’m having second thoughts.  We have to jump into this with both feet and head first!  (if that’s even possible!)  I am on a mission!  Fam we are all on a mission!  Yes I could sit back and keep what I’m learning to myself.  Oh how selfish and petty we can be at times!  I’m the first to say I haven’t got all the answers!  I’m willing to find the answer, let’s find it together!  One of the most powerful forces on this planet is unity.  If we can come together this one accord and purposely reason to succeed…we can and we will!

What is it that you want out of life?  What are your top 3 things?  Write it done.  Read it back and forth! Then read it again.  Now if you could only chose one, which would it be?

Comment your answers below.  In conclusion, my10cents, change first must start with you don’t let fear stop that process.  Have I said enough to engage you?  Have you read something to cause you to respond…if you want to keep doing the same thing and it’s not working… you’ll be saying hello fear rather than byefearlicia!

It’s a SCAM!

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No credit check! SCAM! …you are approved! SCAM!  …you have been selected! or maybe based off your credit profile you have been approved! (all together…SCAM!)  Once I started rebuilding my credit about a year ago, these types of credit solicitation junk mail rapidily increased.  Apparently this trickery is working most American household have an average of $3500 in credit card debt alone.  After you figure out whats going on, then it just becomes funny.  Seriously, I grabbed a stack of junk mail not yet opened and sat down with my daughter.  We were discussing money and how the banks create money out of thin air.  She didn’t get a kick out of that concept it really upset her!  It was good to see her begin to understand the ‘system’.  Back to the stack of junk mail.

Babygirl watch this!  Watch what is about to happen if I willingly allow it to happen.  I don’t recall exactly the order of each letter but it went something like this:

  1. You are approved for up to $1500 apply today. @23.9%
  2. You are preapproved for up to $700 apply today. @31.3%
  3. Design your own credit card. Pre approved up to $400. @24.9%
  4. Consolidate & transfer up to $1500 to your new card. Approved. @26.9%

On and on and on….hey mister dj! jk  (…anybody remember that song)

This really opened my daughters eyes as we continued she was able to explain the trickey that was being presented.  Hopefully she will retain this valuable informative lesson.

Do we need credit?  The answer is both yes and no!  The one that applies to you is simply based off your current financial health or your financial stability.

Best selling author, millionaire & radio talk show host Dave Ramsey says he doesn’t have any credit/fico score.  Dave has a very detailed step by step process that can truly help anyone that wants out of debt.  You will find his books on the resources page.  Total Money Makeover is highly recommended.  If you have overcoming the debt trap and seeking how to setup your family for financial increase & stability Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace (see Resources) provides a step by step process.

Credit effects us when car shopping, house shopping and insurance just to name a few.  The better your score meaning the higher your score (680+) the lower your interest rate will be.  Have a low credit score (680-) and your interest rate will most likely be double digits.  Its important to note that this isn’t simple interest but compounded interest.  There is a big difference.  Simple interest in short, I’ll give you $100 for $40 (40%) on the hundred.  Meaning you will owe a grand total of $140.  Compounded interest at the same rate says for every month when payment is due, multiply your balance by the 40%.  It’s important to note the interest is always paid first then principal or initial amount owed.

Robert Kiyosaki, millionaire & best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (see Resources), used credit to build his businesses.  Read his story to see how he did.  All credit is not bad credit!

In conclusion, my10cents, if the system is a scam, scam the system.


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Person using the Uber app

<Friday Dec 30th>  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 or so years…you’ve heard of Uber.  If you haven’t it google it!  Join & start earning a few extra $$$ whenever you want driving in you free time.

Uber is one of my main streams for extra income.  Especially when something ie a bill, has shown up unexpected, uber can sometimes help.  Uber pays out weekly on Wednesdays, for the previous week for those doing less than 25 trips.  If more than 25 trips you can setup it & be paid whenever you want via an Uber debit card.  So I basically can work Friday, Saturday & Sunday and get paid on that Wednesday.  Not too bad right!

I don’t Uber much but as you should know by now, I’m on a mission.  In short, my monetary goal this weekend is $300.  Using simple math @ $10 a trip (this is not typical) completing 31 trips we estimate we can achieve our goal of $300.

I’m going write this post in stages & publish on Sunday night or Monday.
<January 2nd> It’s Monday evening! Whew what a long weekend? I’m a church musician so we have service New Year’s Eve and then we had Sunday service @11am. Yep! As tired as everybody was we still had a great time in church and in fellowship afterwards at Vickery’s in Atlanta. Needless to say, I don’ think I reach my goal of 31 trips. I haven’t checked to see what the total brought in was. I probably won’t look until tomorrow. I do know it’s upwards of $107 because that popped by accident on the way home after my last trip.
Why am I saying all this? If you thought you was going to be able to live off one income, please come out from where ever you are it’s 2017! There are ways to make money with this technology. I will keep saying it until it finally hits home. Uber is ideal but there is also Lyft! I’ve used the same driver before working for both companies at the same time. It’s possible to make money with today’s tech advancements. I’ve named 2 here and there are several more. I will be adding some links to the Apps page. Hopefully you can find something of use there. By all means if there are some you recommend please comment and let me know! Let’s win this year!

Uber Driving App

*It’s better to waste money than time, at least money you know you can get more of. – Hal Sparks


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Last year this time I was broke, year before that I was broker and year before that I was brokest.  Know anybody like that?  They have decent jobs with benefits yet somehow someway, they are consistently broke.

Whether salary or hourly the problem may be mishandling the money you do already make.  This of course deals with your #1 main stream or source of income.  The gurus say create a budget!  Highly sought after millionaire &radio talk show Dave Ramsey said have a zero budget. In short, write it down & spend your money on paper before actually spending. Every dollar should have a place to go.  It may be of some benefit to download an app or two which deals with this specifically.  This works for some & for others it does not.  (fyi: dave ramsey does offer tools & resources that could help get the ball running.

So no budget? ok…what next? Remember in yesterday’s post I mentioned perspective.  Our mindest & how we view money is a huge impacting factor.  Remember the parable of the talents.  The last servant or rather steward to receive his talent took it & hid it in the sand until his master returned. Upon returning His master was wroth! Why?

His money was not earning money ie interest. The master would have been okay with the interest gained off talent. Now we need to go a little further to fully understand. In simple terms a talent equates to 6000 days of wages. Meaning a talent is approx 16.4 years worth of salary.  Numerically speaking if the servant made an average salary of $35k, the one talent given to him would have equalled $574,000! (Somebody give me a talent!) $574k he took and hid it for fear of losing it!  The master said you should have AT LEAST put it in a bank to gain interest!  10% APR would have yielded $57,400 in interest alone! Now I’m angry with this servant as well for his poor stewardship!

Howbeit he represents most people today.  Most people dont have $500 liquid in their account.  $1000? (Donnie please dont go any higher, you might upset the readers)

2016 is closing shortly and we stand awaiting 2017 with hope & anticipation.  I dare you to setup funds in “automatic transfer” do it for a year, or not!   I refuse to be in this same place this time next year.  I’ll walk with you! There are others here besides us…jump in!  Like, comment & share let’s help each other.  I’m still learning!  I want more and I shall have it!  I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the SOS!

Automatic Transfer

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cashThis concept didnt seem to be difficult at first, I was so wrong!  One thing proved beneficial: automatic transfer!

This concept was inspired by multi-billionaire & bestselling author David Bach. His theory involved saving the cost of a latte everyday. Lattes are kind of expensive.  They run anywhere from $2.95 – $4.15 on average. Interesting I thought.  Of course I had to add my10cents to it before implementing as shown:

  1. Setting up a new account: this shouldn’t be a brick & mortar location…perhaps seeking out an online back to compare rates.
  2. Determine the dollar amount you could easily transfer everday between 1 & 10.
  3. Once setup it pretty much takes care of itself…that is of course considering there’s a money supply in the initial account.

Naturally in 30 days, $1 saved would be $30…$5 would be $150 & $10 equating to $300. Seems easy enough right? Let me say it this way…everyday it gets easier. Being that this money isnt in my regular bank account its often forgot about.  After a week goes by, veiwing the regular account online and seeing money is depleting very quickly…where can I trim? where else can I cut back?

Everybody wants to be CEO…well, why not treat your personal life as business? Afteral, if you don’t do then who will? I have yet to meet anyone that enjoyed living scheduled paycheck to paycheck.  Meaning those that live soley off of a single source of income.  Not even the rich do that and somehow you think things will be different for you. Not so!

In an earlier post I mentioned the concept of $1k for every year worked.  Some would look at that and say there’s no way. Where’s your perspective? $1k a year equates to $83 a month.  Surely this is possible.  If not, it’s time to make some adjustments. Go back and read 4 Streams of Income.  Attend Youtube University! It’s free my friend.

The difference between a rich person and a poor person is perspective.

  • US President earns $0.76 / minute
  • Bill Gates earns $1.65 / minute
  • Save $1 = $30 a month / 0.00 (less than a penny)
  • Save $5 =$150 a month / 0.00 (less than a penny)
  • Save $10 = $300 a month / 0.01 (a penny!)

We all have the same amount of time each day. Ask yourself, how hard am I really working if I can’t save a dollar a day? $5? $10? Start today and add value to your minute with automatic transfer. #noexcuses

4 Streams of Income?

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Some may debate this concept, others will take this and run with it towards purpose & passion.  The Garden of Eden was said to have 4 streams of water that ran through it.  The idea here is that this was a place created to support eternal beings ie Adam & Eve.  Now lets not turn this into a bible study, lets walk away knowing that perhaps 4 streams of income could possibly support our families & our lifestyle.
1st Income Stream: Primary job

2nd Income Stream: Interest or hobby in which people will pay you to do

3rd Income Stream: Invested savings earning high interest

4th Income Stream: Invest(s) in business ie stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc…

I’m sure you can think of more avenues in which revenue can be created ie websites & apps that pay you for completing various tasks, craigslist, etc etc.  My purpose here is to get you thinking, comment & let me hear your thoughts.  I am confident together as a unified group we can have great success.