Man In the Mirror

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Two steps forward then one backward. Review progress.  Two larger steps forward and one regular step backward.  Review progress.  One dollar gained here, three dollars lost here.  Whenever we attempt to make a change towards doing better or try to set in motion something to improve who you are…brace yourself for opposition.  No I’m not saying that someone is blocking you or hindering you from doing what needs to be done.  There’s not a mass group of ‘haters’ plotting your demise.  Oft times are biggest opponent is the person we see when we look in the mirror. Go ahead…I’m sure you have a mirror near you.  If no mirror use your front facing camera on your smart phone (yeah I know you got that!)  We spend our whole life battling ourselves?

It’s easier to blame those that are close to us. Perhaps even to blame it on our upbringing.  Blame it on lack of education, tradition, my circle of friends our even worse…my church!  However at the beginning and end of everyday it’s always you.  Could it be mindset & perspective?  It’s a wide known fact by now that the biggest room is the room for improvement.  Yes, self-improvement!

How we see things directly effects and affects how we process things. It’s easy to yell out a few choice words to the driver that cut you off on the highway during rush hour and you were already late.  Or is it really you that deserves the blame, for not waking up early enough to miss rush hour traffic. (and if you live in Atlanta rush hour is way longer than an hour it’s more like 2 – 3 hours from your start to finish)

Maybe it’s the struggle, dare I say the battle even, for weight loss. Mindset.  Perspective.  I was recently in a Weight Watchers meeting at my job.  The WW program offers several weekly meetings, were the main focus is on changing your mindset and how you process on a daily basis.  If you join any type of leadership or mentorship type program a lot of time is spent on the developing mind.

Our mind is affected by mainly 2 things: the seen and the unseen or if want to keep this towards our financial psyche ie cash & credit. Ask yourself would you rather have cash or credit?  We automatically have questions upon questions…how much is the cash? How much credit? Is both cash and credit possible to have at the same time?  How does cash make you feel?  Stressful?  Overwhelmed?  Happy?  Do you walk a little different when you know you have cash in the bank?  Or is it easier to sleep-in from work when we have more money in the bank than usual.  Mindset.

In conclusion, my10cents, working on your self is never time wasted. Taking time to understand your mindset regarding money is time invested and not time spent.

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