Big Business

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big-business-4Our calendar is getting us in trouble.  Major corporations years ago did something pretty smart businesswise.  They use the calendar to increase their bottom line. Notice how the major holidays are spread out as the year starts but towards year end they are back to back one after another.  All in attempt to get more of your hard earned money. Yes we fell for it…we fall for it every year!

Oh the pressure that man feels as Valentines Day approaches.  Could you imagine how she would feel if he, her man, her love…maybe even father of her children, did nothing for her on Valentines Day.  Can someone say doghouse? jk…not really!  Even if you’ve been married for years upon years you better do something for her.  Afteral it’s her day right!  Big Business.

Mother’s day same thing.  Especially if the kids are grown and working fulltime…that mother is expecting something! It would be unwise for a son to not do something for his mother right? Big Business.

Big Business plays on our emotions, as consumers we fill that we must comply with the system and take part in every major holiday event.  This of course doesn’t in any way make up for the important days like birthdays and anniversaries.  Did I mention the annual family vacation that must happen regardless of financial circumstances?  You need a job just to support the VIPdays.  Big Business has us wrapped around their finger look at November….Thanksgiving into Black Friday (weekend event) into Cyber Monday (week event) and turn around and December it’s Christmas shopping for the entire month!

Maxed out credit cards, abuse of title loans and payday loans all at 25% and more!  Rent money used to buy gifts and spent on food for the lavish dinners that we “must” have.  Only to incur late rent payments, missed payment due dates etc etc.  Big Business.

Your life and family is your biggest business.  It is our duty to ensure that we are able to protect, provide and support our love ones.  Especially those whom we call our own.  We have let business traditions convey the wrong messages.  These messages are everywhere.  In the music, tv shows, commercials, billboards and not to mention in mass overload on social media platforms.

My10cents, I understand that the goal of business is to make a profit, it’s my responsibility to make sure the profit our family makes is moreso invested than consumed.


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