Due Date-Final Notice

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Final notice!  This is our final attempt!  Past due!! Overdue!!!

Have you ever received these depressing and harassing notices in the mail?  (not to mention the automated phone calls…”this is an attempt to collect a debt…this call is recorded) whew whateva!  I’m flipping the script!

I’m setting my own due date!  March 1st!  $1800 in debt…be gone!  Basically leaving a short month of February to get that debt down to zero.  It’s possible!  I got a plan in place, I’ll have to say no to a few people & places, but thats ok.  The reward of that weight being gone will be worth it. Some people will understand and some won’t.  To each there own, at the beginning of the day, I am responsible for my current present situation be it good or bad. I refuse to sit or stand or watch idly and pretned

*(why do we say at the end of the day…by then its too late)

I’ll report back around the first of March! …then that’ll leave me with just this crazy ridiculous care note!  Which will be the next step!  Ok for real for real, I don’t expect you to be excited for me…(wait… I have haters?)  I’m being transparent to help whomever is willing to be helped, someone reached out to me…now I’m reaching back

Research shows that if a person invests 23% of their income starting at age 19, by 43 they’ll be a millionaire.  Thats 22 years before retirement!!  See most will read that and just say its not possible.  It is!

We don’t have to live above our means.  We can make it on a 4 or 5 digit income.  I know that’s tough…just do it! #nike  You’ll be glad u did…I promise!  Outsmart your situation and bounce over the obstacles set by life to bring distraction to your vision, mission and purpose.  Do this right and you’ll be making money while you sleep!  Oh how we love to sleep…in due time my friend!

My1ocents, I dare you to set a due date!


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