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It’s said that most people won’t even try something they really need to do…once, because of the fear of failure.  Failure is necessary, in most cases, we won’t always get it right the first time.  Instead of falling prey to the fear of failure we should see this more as a stepping stone or better yet as a lesson learned.  Ok so we tried it and it didn’t work this way, noted.  We don’t have to try that way again…let’s do it a different way!  and yes insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result!

Success leaves tracks!  It’s 2017.  Almost anything you really need to know about a specific topic can easily be found online somewhere.  Studies show that self-made millionaires have become so within one generation!  One generation?  So there is now no secret to success!  All we have to do is simply do what they did.

Success doesn’t care the color of your skin.  Neither your native tongue.  Your culture is of non effect to success.  It just isn’t applicable.  Success is for anyone willing to take a moment and study the tracks left me behind.  There are blueprints to success in your area of expertise.  Google it!  Who is the top guy in that field?  Study him, study what he did… then do it!  Come on fam really?  Do we honestly think we have a valid point saying someone  is keeping us down.  Or perhaps you have the crab mentality.  The bottom line is that you are in control of you.  You are responsible for where you are today. Good or bad?  My mentor, Brain Beane, stated Your current situation should be your motivation!  That applies!  Are you in something and you want out?  Perhaps you are where you want to be and you need to keep being productive.  Whether it be business related or personal, we have to be motivated beyond the scope of fear.

It never works if you never try!  It’s easy to be a soldier when there’s no war going on! Right?  The minute you get the call to join the front line, wait a second I’m having second thoughts.  We have to jump into this with both feet and head first!  (if that’s even possible!)  I am on a mission!  Fam we are all on a mission!  Yes I could sit back and keep what I’m learning to myself.  Oh how selfish and petty we can be at times!  I’m the first to say I haven’t got all the answers!  I’m willing to find the answer, let’s find it together!  One of the most powerful forces on this planet is unity.  If we can come together this one accord and purposely reason to succeed…we can and we will!

What is it that you want out of life?  What are your top 3 things?  Write it done.  Read it back and forth! Then read it again.  Now if you could only chose one, which would it be?

Comment your answers below.  In conclusion, my10cents, change first must start with you don’t let fear stop that process.  Have I said enough to engage you?  Have you read something to cause you to respond…if you want to keep doing the same thing and it’s not working… you’ll be saying hello fear rather than byefearlicia!


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