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<Friday Dec 30th>  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 or so years…you’ve heard of Uber.  If you haven’t it google it!  Join & start earning a few extra $$$ whenever you want driving in you free time.

Uber is one of my main streams for extra income.  Especially when something ie a bill, has shown up unexpected, uber can sometimes help.  Uber pays out weekly on Wednesdays, for the previous week for those doing less than 25 trips.  If more than 25 trips you can setup it & be paid whenever you want via an Uber debit card.  So I basically can work Friday, Saturday & Sunday and get paid on that Wednesday.  Not too bad right!

I don’t Uber much but as you should know by now, I’m on a mission.  In short, my monetary goal this weekend is $300.  Using simple math @ $10 a trip (this is not typical) completing 31 trips we estimate we can achieve our goal of $300.

I’m going write this post in stages & publish on Sunday night or Monday.
<January 2nd> It’s Monday evening! Whew what a long weekend? I’m a church musician so we have service New Year’s Eve and then we had Sunday service @11am. Yep! As tired as everybody was we still had a great time in church and in fellowship afterwards at Vickery’s in Atlanta. Needless to say, I don’ think I reach my goal of 31 trips. I haven’t checked to see what the total brought in was. I probably won’t look until tomorrow. I do know it’s upwards of $107 because that popped by accident on the way home after my last trip.
Why am I saying all this? If you thought you was going to be able to live off one income, please come out from where ever you are it’s 2017! There are ways to make money with this technology. I will keep saying it until it finally hits home. Uber is ideal but there is also Lyft! I’ve used the same driver before working for both companies at the same time. It’s possible to make money with today’s tech advancements. I’ve named 2 here and there are several more. I will be adding some links to the Apps page. Hopefully you can find something of use there. By all means if there are some you recommend please comment and let me know! Let’s win this year!

Uber Driving App

*It’s better to waste money than time, at least money you know you can get more of. – Hal Sparks

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