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Last year this time I was broke, year before that I was broker and year before that I was brokest.  Know anybody like that?  They have decent jobs with benefits yet somehow someway, they are consistently broke.

Whether salary or hourly the problem may be mishandling the money you do already make.  This of course deals with your #1 main stream or source of income.  The gurus say create a budget!  Highly sought after millionaire &radio talk show Dave Ramsey said have a zero budget. In short, write it down & spend your money on paper before actually spending. Every dollar should have a place to go.  It may be of some benefit to download an app or two which deals with this specifically.  This works for some & for others it does not.  (fyi: dave ramsey does offer tools & resources that could help get the ball running.

So no budget? ok…what next? Remember in yesterday’s post I mentioned perspective.  Our mindest & how we view money is a huge impacting factor.  Remember the parable of the talents.  The last servant or rather steward to receive his talent took it & hid it in the sand until his master returned. Upon returning His master was wroth! Why?

His money was not earning money ie interest. The master would have been okay with the interest gained off talent. Now we need to go a little further to fully understand. In simple terms a talent equates to 6000 days of wages. Meaning a talent is approx 16.4 years worth of salary.  Numerically speaking if the servant made an average salary of $35k, the one talent given to him would have equalled $574,000! (Somebody give me a talent!) $574k he took and hid it for fear of losing it!  The master said you should have AT LEAST put it in a bank to gain interest!  10% APR would have yielded $57,400 in interest alone! Now I’m angry with this servant as well for his poor stewardship!

Howbeit he represents most people today.  Most people dont have $500 liquid in their account.  $1000? (Donnie please dont go any higher, you might upset the readers)

2016 is closing shortly and we stand awaiting 2017 with hope & anticipation.  I dare you to setup funds in “automatic transfer” do it for a year, or not!   I refuse to be in this same place this time next year.  I’ll walk with you! There are others here besides us…jump in!  Like, comment & share let’s help each other.  I’m still learning!  I want more and I shall have it!  I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the SOS!


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